Burnie and Joe The Cat
“Let me tell you something about Joe The Cat: he does not give a fuck!”

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so many fucking problems I don’t know which one to sort out first

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people who have perfect bodies but eat junk food and don’t exercise is the reason I hate everyone

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Or I did last time I checked..

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  • me: I’m so ugly omg I have no talents or friends I hate myself I’m gonna die in a cardboard box one day
  • me: back the fuck up bitch I’m the queen roll out the red carpet for me I’m the best person ever later peasants
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liking someone just provokes my jealousy. jealousy provokes unhappiness. why the FUCK would I want to be unhappy? fuck liking people, it brings more sadness to my life than happiness. if I had the ability to never fall in love I’d take it. need to distance myself from people more because I get attached too easily. but then I have commitment problems.


…going to V to leave my fucking ridiculous issues behind and then to drown them in alcohol. 

whoever said traumatic experiences make you stronger CHATS SHIT.

rant over.

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REALLY wish I could move away and start again. can’t even name one person who I would define as a ‘true friend’ any more. fuck this shit.

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